5 Types of Content Silos to Break Down

Before They Stall Your Content Progress and Prevent Your Success

Colleen Jones Posted by

Feb 19 2014

Next week, I’m off to San Jose, CA to present at Intelligent Content Conference (spearheaded by the dynamic content duo of Ann Rockley and Scott Abel). The theme? Breaking down content silos. I’m enthused because the theme is a longstanding concept with new implications today. What hasn’t changed, of course, is the terrible consequence of leaving silos intact. Your content efforts will inevitably stall. Read More >

A Collection of Our Content Interviews This Year

A Roundup of Our Conversations with Clients and Colleagues in 2013

Colleen Jones Posted by

Dec 30 2013

At Content Science, we enjoy few things more than talking with smart clients and colleagues about their challenges and successes with digital content. So, it’s no surprise that we feature interviews filled with stories that teach and inspire on this blog, Content Insights. We’ve assembled our 2013 conversations here. New to our blog? So busy you missed one of our content interviews? Read More >

Sharecare Changes Game in Healthcare Content with AskMD

The Release of AskMD Is Like a Mike Drop...Boom

Colleen Jones Posted by

Dec 17 2013

What do Beyonce and Sharecare have in common? Last week, they both dropped releases as dramatically as dropping the mike. I don’t have to tell you about Beyonce. (Here’s my favorite tweet about the album.

Yes, I’m an Anchorman fan. Another big release this week, but we’re way off topic now.)

Let’s talk a bit about Sharecare’s AskMD mobile application. Read More >

No Room For Content Ambiguity

The Importance of Content Strategy at CDC Travelers’ Health

Kevin Howarth Posted by

Sep 19 2013

For both travelers and health clinicians who provide pre-travel consultations, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Travelers’ Health website serves as a well-known and crucial resource. The CDC must provide authoritative and understandable content about travel health for two particular audiences, each with their own needs and demands. But,when the CDC tried to be all things to all audiences, their website ended up providing too much information that often overwhelmed people. Read More >

Getting Hooked on Health

What Happens When Experts on Behavior Change Get Together and Talk About Health

Colleen Jones Posted by

Apr 04 2013

If you think better design and better content can improve the healthcare experience, then you would have loved Healthcare Experience Design 2013. Couldn’t make it? Let me share a few highlights.

The theme behavior change pervaded the conference. That might sound a bit geeky or psycho-babbly. However, at this conference, it didn’t come across that way. Everyone there, from the organizers to the speakers to the participants, was into the topic of influencing behavior. Read More >