Update on Native Advertising Trends + Examples

Sponsored Content Is Getting Results and Attracting FTC Attention

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Apr 24 2014

You’re more likely to win the lottery than click on a web banner ad. Not good odds, right? That’s why digital marketers and media have increasingly experimented with native advertising, also known as sponsored content. For marketers, native advertising holds promise as a more effective way to reach potential customers. For media (including social media), sponsored content has potential to supplement their revenue. Read More >

Delta Offers Lessons in Content Scaling

Delta's Content Strategy Takes Flight by Scaling Success

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Apr 16 2014

On my recent work-cation to Australia and New Zealand, I flew for about 50 hours. Lots of time to avail myself of the in-flight media. I observed Delta take its content strategy to a new level that can teach us some handy lessons in content scaling.

Safety Video with Sass

A couple of years ago, when you thought about Delta, you might not have thought about content. Read More >

Content Marketing Sense and Sensibility in Sydney

I Share Takeaways from Down Under

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Apr 07 2014

Last week, I had the pleasure of both speaking at Content Marketing World Sydney and attending some wonderful sessions. Actually, pleasure is an understatement. I had a blast.

I know most of you couldn’t pick up and head down under, so I’m bringing some highlights to you. Just as Jane Austen’s famous book points out the value of balancing sense and sensibility in relationships, so this event nicely emphasizes both the logical and emotional sides of content. Read More >

Spring Is Here, and Here’s Where I’m Speaking About Content

Let's Connect in Sydney, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Chicago, and Richmond

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Mar 24 2014

Picture of Colleen Jones talking to workshop participantAh, spring. It’s the season of budding flowers, chirping birds, and—in this year of the winter that won’t fade away—falling snow flakes. Most importantly, it’s the season of excellent content and industry conferences.

I have much to say this year about content strategy (especially scaling it and making it influential), content evaluation, and content engineering. So, I’m keen to share my opinions and experience at these outstanding events around the world. Read More >

Learn to Call Your Own Baby Ugly

Lessons Learned in Product Strategy and Entrepreneurship from Colleen Jones

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Feb 25 2014

Last week, I spoke at UX Thursday, a wonderful event masterminded by User Interface Engineering and Vitamin T. I shared the pain and pleasure of launching our product, ContentWRX. These slides provide a glimpse of my talk about product strategy and entrepreneurship.

If you care about user experience or product strategy, do make a point of visiting a UX Thursday event in a city near you for a mix of inspiration and practical insights. Read More >