What’s Your Content Snapscore?

Get Quick Insight into What People Think About Your Web Content

Colleen Jones Posted by

Aug 16 2014

Well, what is a Snapscore, you might ask?

It’s a new feature we just released on ContentWRX to give you almost instant insight into your content’s performance.

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Snapscore collects feedback about your web content from a very small small sample of users and then offers a score.

At the same time, you get to sample some other ContentWRX features, such as the dashboard, analysis, and recommendations. Read More >

Four for Friday – Content Science Updates

Updates About Our Services, Latest Book, Latest ContentWRX 2.0 Release, and More

Colleen Jones Posted by

Aug 08 2014

Time flies when you’re having content fun. By fun, I mean working hard to form content strategy and bring it to life (and then perhaps sipping some Jameson).

In the process, we’ve made some changes and achieved some milestones. I’m proud of these Content Science updates but, more importantly, excited about how they enable us to better serve our clients and contribute to the wider content strategy community. Read More >

Beyond Translation: Lessons in International Content Strategy

Unexpected and Valuable Insights from Expert Alan Porter of Caterpillar

Kevin Howarth Posted by

Jun 26 2014

So you’re deciding on what languages your website will feature in Africa. Someone at the meeting says, “How about Chinese?” Chinese? In Africa? You’d likely laugh and ask for a more serious response. However, when Alan Porter, Content Marketing Manager at Caterpillar, studied customers in Africa, he discovered that migrant Chinese workers comprise a significant amount of the workforce. After his analysis, the business case clearly showed that Chinese was a must for their content. Read More >

Implementing Content Strategy at American Cancer Society

A Practical Look at the Twists, Turns, and Ultimate Triumph

Kevin Howarth Posted by

May 01 2014

Are you familiar with the addictive Candy Crush Saga game? The game roadmap from level to level follows a serpentine path that takes you around mountains, dragons, and castles in unexpected ways. It’s an apt illustration of the saga that implementing content strategy involves—especially within large enterprises or organizations.

Melinda Baker, Digital Experience Architect at the American Cancer Society, likes to use this Candy Crush metaphor to illustrate the practical challenges that content strategists face when balancing the needs of stakeholders, budgets, and internal resources at large organizations. Read More >

Pinning Down Content Strategy Terms

An Interview with the Authors of The Language of Content Strategy

Kevin Howarth Posted by

Mar 13 2014

It’s easy to take dictionaries for granted. When Samuel Johnson published A Dictionary of the English Language in 1755, England actually lacked a standard dictionary. While even Samuel Johnson acknowledged in the dictionary’s preface that language is too fluid to pin down, his attempt to standardize English helped give it a common reference point and model upon which to build.

This vocabulary dilemma eventually not only faces all languages but also all professions, including content strategy. Read More >