Content Marketing Sense and Sensibility in Sydney

I Share Takeaways from Down Under

Colleen Jones Posted by
Colleen Jones

Apr 07 2014

Last week, I had the pleasure of both speaking at Content Marketing World Sydney and attending some wonderful sessions. Actually, pleasure is an understatement. I had a blast.

I know most of you couldn’t pick up and head down under, so I’m bringing some highlights to you. Just as Jane Austen’s famous book points out the value of balancing sense and sensibility in relationships, so this event nicely emphasizes both the logical and emotional sides of content. Read More >

Related But Not the Same: Public Relations and Content Strategy

Why Public Relations Should Contribute to, But Not Own, Content Strategy

Kevin Howarth Posted by
Kevin Howarth

Apr 02 2014

I recently read an article from Digiday about PR agencies experiencing a renaissance centered on the current content explosion. Drawing from the insights of leading PR agency representatives, the article discusses how PR professionals have created content for years. Thus, they logically can own content creation within enterprises. Yet, this discussion failed to mention content strategy or content marketing—and instead jumped straight to content creation within the context of PR. Read More >

Spring Is Here, and Here’s Where I’m Speaking About Content

Let's Connect in Sydney, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Chicago, and Richmond

Colleen Jones Posted by
Colleen Jones

Mar 24 2014

Picture of Colleen Jones talking to workshop participantAh, spring. It’s the season of budding flowers, chirping birds, and—in this year of the winter that won’t fade away—falling snow flakes. Most importantly, it’s the season of excellent content and industry conferences.

I have much to say this year about content strategy (especially scaling it and making it influential), content evaluation, and content engineering. So, I’m keen to share my opinions and experience at these outstanding events around the world. Read More >

Introducing Content Workings, the ContentWRX Library

New Resource for Evaluating and Planning Effective Content

Colleen Jones Posted by
Colleen Jones

Mar 21 2014

Want to start evaluating your content or taking your evaluation to the next level? First, check out Does Your Content Work? Then, consider visiting the new ContentWRX library, Content Workings. You’ll find tips, introductions to methods, updates about ContentWRX evaluation features, and more. It also uses a blog format with comments, so you can ask questions or share your own perspective. Read More >

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Pinning Down Content Strategy Terms

An Interview with the Authors of The Language of Content Strategy

Kevin Howarth Posted by
Kevin Howarth

Mar 13 2014

It’s easy to take dictionaries for granted. When Samuel Johnson published A Dictionary of the English Language in 1755, England actually lacked a standard dictionary. While even Samuel Johnson acknowledged in the dictionary’s preface that language is too fluid to pin down, his attempt to standardize English helped give it a common reference point and model upon which to build.

This vocabulary dilemma eventually not only faces all languages but also all professions, including content strategy. Read More >