The Year In Content Insights Interviews

Key Interview Insights from Our Clients and Colleagues in 2014

Kevin Howarth Posted by

Dec 22 2014

As the field of content strategy continues to grow, evolve, and become more complex, we find ourselves spoiled with a front row seat to hearing about these changes by interviewing the industry’s brightest minds. Throughout 2014, we captured countless insights from many shining content strategy stars. We don’t want to forget these insights going into 2015, so we’ve rounded up the key insights from each person we interviewed during the year and provided you a link to the full interview. Read More >

My 5 Content Predictions for Next Year

One Thing Is for Certain: 2015 Will Be a Big Year for Content

Colleen Jones Posted by

Dec 17 2014

It’s time to kick back, sip some egg nog-spiked coffee, and look ahead to next year. What will happen in the content space? From personalization to risk of death by content confusion, I explain my top 5 predictions here.

1. More Orgs Will Engineer Personalized Content Experiences

Ah, personalization. It’s a concept that is easy to understand—give the user relevant content—but very hard to implement. Read More >

Content Science Announces 2015 Workshop Series and Content Coach Certification

Kevin Howarth Posted by

Dec 10 2014

Atlanta Ga., Nov. 19, 2014 – Content Science announces a series of 2015 workshops and Content Coach Certification for content strategists, user experience designers, marketers, and others leading content initiatives at their organizations. The workshops are designed to build the expertise, skills, and confidence of people leading content initiatives within their organizations.

The workshops focus on topics such as scaling content strategy for midsize and enterprise organizations, measuring and evaluating content effectiveness, and building content teams within complex organizations. Read More >

“Does Your Content Work?” By Content Evaluation Expert Colleen Jones Now On

Kevin Howarth Posted by

Dec 03 2014

Atlanta Ga., Oct. 29, 2014 – “Does Your Content Work?”, the critically acclaimed ebook by author, Content Science Principal, and ContentWRX Cofounder Colleen Jones, is now available on Featuring a practical rationale and process for evaluating content, the ebook offers anecdotes from leading content evaluation practitioners at Cox Media, Dell, InterContinental Hotels Group, Sharecare, Facebook, PayPal, and more. Read More >

Welcome to Omnichannel Content Strategy

Where Customer-Focused Content and Technology Come Together

Sally Taylor Posted by

Dec 02 2014

Most organizations also employ some level of cross-channel strategy—using content on one channel to point customers to another. But how about multichannel or omnichannel content strategy?

This new kid on the block garnered much discussion at the recent Content Strategy Applied conference at eBay, where presenters including our own Colleen Jones gave us plenty to chew on—especially during the omnichannel panel. Read More >