Content Science approaches content differently.

Our Philosophy

We believe content is

A strategic asset that merits outstanding management through the right system of processes, people, and technology.

The substance of any organization’s user experience, no matter the channel or touchpoint.

A significant ethical responsibility because of its influence on decisions and actions by both organizations and individuals.

A transformational tool that accelerates worthy innovation.

Our Culture

We embrace these 6 values.

We’re cool content-loving geeks with a clever sense of humor.

1. Content Love

As Content Scientists, we’re relentlessly curious about the impact of and future with content—and we seek to shape that future for the better.

2. Curiosity + Creativity

Our confidence arises from our content knowledge, experience, and preparation. When we show confidence, we give our audiences and customers reason to be confident in choosing us.

3. Confidence

We care about our customers as people and are proactive about making them successful.

4. Customer Care

We show our passion and, at the same time, achieve results through our disciplined decisions and actions each day.

5. Consistent Discipline

We collaborate with each other and with our customers to achieve results.

6. Collaboration + Accountability

Our Offerings



From consulting to training to research to executive recruiting, we’re ready to advise or assist.

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Learn from our 2 leading books about content as well as our other reports, briefs, and whitepapers.

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+ Products


We invented the content evaluation platform ContentWRX and build concepts for clients.

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Our CEO + Team

Colleen Jones founded Content Science in 2010

+ has been instrumental in advancing the practice of content strategy.

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Colleen regularly speaks

at conferences and events
around the world.

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